THE MULTIPLAT AWARD: My Top 5 Games On All Platforms

As gaming pushes towards ubiquity, bucking the fleeting trends of excluding content to sell specific versions, gamers rejoice in the fun regardless of system allegiance.

5. Asura’s Wrath |360,PS3

More of an animated series with some player control, Asura’s wrath bends the idea of what a video “game” has to be. Taking its inspiration from anime like Dragon Ball Z, Asura’s Wrath’s narration isn’t new, but the way its delivered, its mix of source materials, blending of mediums make Asura’s Wrath a fresh breath in a saturated industry.

4. Final Fantasy XIII-2 |360,PS3

Final Fantasy 13-2
A stylistic sensory experience, Final Fantasy XIII-2 reminds me of the late Playstation 2 era Square Enix titles, harmonizing with personal favorites like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 7, 8, & 10, at least by aesthetic means. Serah’s search for her sister isn’t the series’ most interesting tale, but the journey that entails is a beautiful, in tune with the Square Enix that has long forgotten itself.

3. Dragon’s Dogma |360,PS3

A classic action role playing, CAPCOM’s Dragon’s dogma mixes the genre’s leading contemporaries into a unique blend that’s terrific fun. Roaming the land in search for the dragon who devoured your heart, Dragons’ Dogma’s story won’t amaze, but clinging to a griffin’s back will never be more fun.

2. Borderlands 2 |360,PS3,Steam

Refining its gameplay and comedically brilliant, Borderlands 2 continues the vault hunter pandemic raging across the planet Pandora’s surface. It doesn’t exactly change its story’s rhythms, but the narrative is well written, never missing the chance to crack a joke. The Borderlands series continues to show, it doesn’t have to make sense, it has to be fun.

1. XCOM: Enemy Unknown |360,PS3,Steam

Strategic, engaging, and intelligent, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is about a secret governmental forces preventing an alien invasion. Reviving one of gaming’s classics, Xcom is for gaming’s veterans, bucking gaming’s more conventional trends to relive an old school challenge.

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